Real Talk: Lend Me Your Ear

“A guy that lends his ear to girl’s talk isn’t a man.” – Whitney


Hold up. Could someone please explain that statement to me.

If she means that any guy that a girl talks to as though she were talking to one of her girls is NOT (seen as) a man, I could understand that.

But Whitney did not say that & upon asking her what she meant by that statement she said, “Girls talk to their girlfriends, not their men.”

Fundamentally I see something wrong with that way of thinking. And then I thought about times when women consult with other women about things rather than just asking the guy directly what’s going on.

*Raises hand*

Am I missing something?
Or am I just niave about how relationships & women work?

Now I’m not assuming that my friend is the “Spokeswoman for Women Everywhere”, but I’m sure she isn’t the only girl that thinks that way. And I am not trying to convince her of anything, I’m just wondering why that “logic” seems to be so…. prevalent or natural.

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3 thoughts on “Real Talk: Lend Me Your Ear

  1. I can’t speak for all women, but I think women communicate to form bonds–connections. I don’t think it matters who I’m talking to–I speak the truth and I speak so that we can connect at the heart level–male or female. Maybe some men don’t want to engage in conversations that are personal? I don’t know. Maybe some women don’t either. I think it’s dangerous to generalize behaviors to all women or all men. We’re such individuals.


  2. I initially thought she was referring to a man who tries to listen in on girltalk and since that’s not polite, then he’s not a man.


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