Look, don’t hide.
Stay, don’t run.
What’s inside makes you the only one.
Feeling uneasy, living on the edge.
Certainty doesn’t always come easy, but when it comes you’ll know.
Without a doubt you can’t live without falling.

We come undone.

Easy come, easy go.
Internal damage rarely shows through the skin & mine’s not as thin as they’d like to think.
This place has become a revolving door.
Letting people in that should have stayed out.
Kindness only gets so far in a place that picks & chooses what it wants you to see.
No one needs approval & yet we crave it all the same.
I see no wrong in believing in the people that believed in me.

We come undone.

We’re doing alright trying to do right, as hard as it may be.
Found happiness in a bottle & now I’m as easy-going as can be.
In moments like these we see who we are & where we’ve been.
Sometimes when we come undone, we come together.

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