WTF: Bulletproof Style


Guys if you’re worried about being shot down not just by women, but by guns with actual ammunition, I’ve found just the thing for you! From Miguel Caballero‘s Black Label collection comes the bulletproof polo shirt. I trust this company, because if you have the name “Miguel Caballero,” I’m guessing you have some experience being shot at.

The shirt costs $3,500 and comes in three different strengths:

OPTION IIA: 9mm / 40 Smith and Wesson FMJ

OPTION II: 9mm / .357 Magnum / 38 Super / Mini Uzi submachine gun

OPTION IIIA: Uzi machine gun / MP5,MP9 submachine gun / 44 Magnum SJHP / Stab-proof

No word yet on a Kevlar visor if the assassin, you know, decides to shoot you in the head and why don’t they have a stab-proof option? Do you know how stupid you would feel if you got stabbed and died while wearing a bulletproof vest? Just saying.

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