Off to the Races

Faith don’t fail me now.
I believe in you more than I should.
I know that I’ve given you the keys to my dreams.
You say that you’ll show me what the meaning of fast is.
Looking at your lips while you sing about “going off to the races.”
Makes me blush red like the lipstick you leave on my face when you kiss me goodbye.
You’re not right for me, but I want you.
You’d be so good for me.
Always on the go, never learned to move slowly.

Hope don’t keep me guessing.
Something about you reminds me faintly of Summers with her.
Maybe it’s the way you look when you look at me.
You always tell me “we don’t need no money for what we’re doing.”
Lost in the light & dark of the days & nights spent by your side inside our layered paradise.
Your promises of a better tomorrow shared through your skin keep me wandering like a visitor to a new city, even though I know you so well.
You’re so good to me.
No one stays with me the way you do, you’re one of a kind.

What am I to do when you remind me of the past I almost had?
Do I stay with you & trust that I need you here & now?
Or do I go chasing after the songs & dreams I could never forget?
Never was there a girl so pretty.
Never was there a girl so sure.
If only they could be one & the same.
Every time I close my eyes, one of you’s waiting.
I can’t deny that I love you all the same for some reason.
But I’ve never been one for running races.
I don’t want to make you chase after me, so I won’t chase after dreams of yesterday.

I’m your canvas now as you paint your dreams all over me.
Exploring how amazing this love is with no restraints on.
Dealing out love stories like playing cards, making a game out of my interest.
Everything is a reminder of the nothing I’ve been holding on to.
I promise that I’ll take my time with you.

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3 thoughts on “Off to the Races

  1. I so love this poem, its beautiful, I know exactly where you coming from. Ty for sharing such a lovely and beautiful poem. God Bless 🙂


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