Hello stranger, it’s been a while.
I see you singing by the window under moonlight, with that smile on your face.
I can feel you from across the room, you’re not even trying to hide it.
As soon as you say “Please, please me.”
I throw off my coat & take hold of you in your favorite sweater.
Slowly your song becomes quiet laughter & once you’re silent, you’re all mine.
I didn’t mean to keep you waiting baby.
Well maybe just a little I must confess.
Two minutes in the door & we’re off to the races already.

Each button undone is another wall taken down.
Every inch touched shows how well we know each other.
You’re no “Plain Jane” without makeup on.
And your lips stick to me with the same urgency as the red running through your body.
Can you see through the chills you send through me as you taste the love inside my heart?
Do you want this love to hurt or soothe?
You’re a big girl, you can handle big things.
I’ll resuscitate you, bring you back from the brink.
I’ve got you.

I think you want this more than I do, so I’ll do as you like.
You know your silky tones break me down every time, like a Corvette roadside overheating under the Summer Sun.
The words escaping from your lips have been star bright all night long.
Neon lights pale in comparison to the way that you’re glowing.
Your passion’s blinding, so let me see what’s got you so turned on.
Spontaneity ain’t nothing new to me & you, that’s why we’re here.
Don’t sweat it, I get it, I missed you too.
I won’t tease you, I’ll behave.
But only if you say “Please, please me.” again.
And so we’re off to the races all over again.

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8 thoughts on “Please

  1. I love your work. Thank you for sharing it. I really enjoyed this poem 🙂


  2. Another lovely piece from you. I so love it! 🙂


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