Close The Door

Woke up this morning knowing nothing.
I had a dream but reality is far from the same.
I’m restless & reckless without regard for the past.
I think I left the memories with my dreams, because I’d rather be there than here.
With certainty I could be confident or at least care-free.
I just need more time to find my way.
I’m not asking for second chances, life isn’t a video game.

One more day to take away the doubt in your mind.
Can’t define this feeling that is so hard to find.
When this moment’s gone, the memories will still fill the room.
I get why you want me gone, I suppose that I knew it all along.
Slow to pull the trigger although we both know that action means everything.

I’d say “call me maybe,” but that’d be the wrong thing to do.
You say you “love me too,” but somehow that just doesn’t feel the same.
I don’t know how to let you know just how much I need you.
I want you to know my heart when it’s not bogged down or empty.
Not that you ever knew, but my anchor was you.
Whenever you’re around I’m at ease, no expectations or trite love games.

I had a dream that used to be lucid.
Solitude sure was nice while it lasted.
I’ve never had it all, but I was fine with this little piece of paradise.
I’ve got nothing but the rest of my days.
That’s why I have to close the door on this chapter & walk away.
Maybe there’s an answer out there for me.

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9 thoughts on “Close The Door

  1. This is beautiful, especially the last stanza. I love the line “I had a dream that used to be lucid.”


    • Thanks. I usually am a lucid dreamer in my sleeping & waking life. Slowly I’m losing that ability & I don’t really like it.


      • I’m more lucid in my dreams than I am in life, if that makes any sense. When I was a kid, I got used to having too many nightmares so I taught myself how to be a warrior in my own dreams and control it when I wanted.

        It must be awful to have the ability and lose it though. I couldn’t imagine it just stopping. Have you tried any of the tips they use in the books and online tutorials on how to lucid dream?


      • I think it’s just “art” imitating life. I’ve been stressed & lacking in the sleep department lately. Usually I can’t wait to go to sleep, its a welcome escape.


  2. Christina

    This is beautiful, I’m reblogging…..


  3. Christina

    Reblogged this on asmythoughtschange and commented:
    Nicely written.


  4. I love this poem, I so know where you coming from. God Bless 🙂


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