Holding Hands

I’m running on three hours of sleep, yet I’ve never felt better somehow.
I wonder if you’ve got anything to do with this rush?
There’s only one other person that knows & they’re here next to me.
If kisses can grant wishes then faith can make me feel real.
If I’ve had doubts, they’ve vanished into the wind we could never see.
I know who I want to be when I see that look in your eyes.
I want to live like I’ve seen you do so beautifully.

Somehow holding hands says everything we’ll ever need.
These hands have held the key to your soul & set it free.
It’s what makes me take from me and put aside the rest.
Look at everything we’ve become & everything we’ve yet to see.
It’s been so long, yet this feels like the first step towards everything.
We don’t have to think it through, we can feel it out.
There’s always a place for you in me & I’ll always find solitude in your arms.

We’ve paid our dues & made our vows.
My heart is yours to break, but I know that you won’t.
My mind is yours to make, you can have it all.
I’ve never had a love like you before & lately you’ve become everything.
We don’t have to understand it, we just have to feel it.
I don’t mind losing sleep as long as I can have you.
There is no rest while we’re living out our dreams.
Because the more that we live, the more that we dream.

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4 thoughts on “Grant

  1. Great expression my friend.


  2. Love the part about the more that we live, the more that we dream. Awesome poem!



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