Signs of a Virgin (I Mean Virgo)

Reading horoscopes & astrology always confuses me. Reading these things are like reading the instructions for making my own box.

Apparently I’m a Virgo because:

  1. I was born under the sign of a virgin. (Not literally, I hope.)
  2. I’m a sign of criticism and discrimination. (Wait…..What!?)
  3. I am quite shy and introverted, and even naive at times. (Depends on which day it is.)
  4. I have a cool exterior with a sensitive interior. (I call it “Man in the Iron Mask” complex.)
  5. I’m good at hiding my emotions & dwelling on the past. (Refer to number 4.)
  6. I have tremendous respect for women and will treat them like an equal.
  7. I can find humor in most things, and often empathize with others. (I should be a Comedian or Therapist, but apparently I can’t be both.)
  8. I am not that reserved when it comes to sex. (It happens, let’s talk about it.)
  9. My brain is in overdrive most of the time. (I broke the off switch a long time ago.)
  10. I can be aloof, sarcastic & pessimistic. (I prefer the term “nonchalant”.)
  11. I’m modest & down to Earth. (Or so I’ve been told.)
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4 thoughts on “Signs of a Virgin (I Mean Virgo)

  1. The “ex” is a Virgo. #8 is him all the way! Can’t keep his pecker in his pants! LOL


    • Uh huh, I’m pretty sure I said “lets talk about it” about it, not “lets do something about it”. But whatever happens, happens.

      Thanks for adding a Virgin to your Ex-Man list. Wait, I meant Virgo, damn it!


  2. Confessions of a Single Blonde

    I’m a virgo and that sounds about right f or me.


    • Oh no, its happening again… I seem to get along great with Virgo women, but NONE of them believe I’m a Virgo until I prove my DOB. How are you doing love?


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