Diet Coke Dreams

I hate to admit it, but my world is changing me, in more ways than I can see.
I don’t want to miss a thing.
But I passed out anyway, in a time when I had nothing to gain.
And for a moment I lost everything.
Left feeling low while I was trying to figure out what was on your mind.
When we met you parked yourself in my imagination.
And like a taste test you left me wanting more of what little I was given.
Got me looking carefully at the labels at the back of our minds.

You’ve been focused on chasing the past & I’m sitting here wiping your fears away.
The things you crave should leave you feeling refreshed not lacking.
So if I ain’t on your mind, this dream is flatter than day old drinks resting on table coasters.
Sure love is safe, but I’ve never known it to just coast without a push or some kind of crazy chemistry.
If I ever get around to living again, I’m gonna find a better way to set you free.
Until then I’ll just stay away as though distance were the same thing as being free.

Love doesn’t mean a thing unless we want it to.
I guess words are like gravity that way, it doesn’t take much to pull you in,
but once it’s got a hold of you, nothing’s the same.
We can see the love we’ve been given in our reflections everyday.
There’s no second guessing, you didn’t even have to ask.
Like Diet Coke & calories, zero’s the only number we want to see,
even though we know there’s more in store.
Living is not a dream & love is not just something we do.
You’ve gotta keep your eyes & heart open for something out of the ordinary.
Like Diet Coke & calories, there’s nothing sweeter.

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