I’m no smooth operator, maybe that’s why I can’t get through to you.
Every line seems to be occupied when you said that you’d make time for me.
Lines connect everything & all I ever wanted was to hear the sound of your voice.
No this isn’t a pickup line.
There is no other context, it simply is that & nothing more.
It’s in the way you say it.
It’s in the way you look at me.

I want to pick up the phone but it weighs a ton,
it’s like I’m trying to make a call from the dark side of the moon.
I cannot fight silence, it’s been around much longer than I have.
It seems the more I try to connect with you,
the more I end up leaving messages that sound like PSA’s.
Knowing is half the battle when you’re fighting with an open heart.
Here I go again talking about fighting for you as though you were the Queen of Hearts.
Well this could be a Wonderland if you’d only pick up the phone or take my hand.
We could be crossing paths like intersecting transit lines.

I’ve got more options than change in my back pocket & that’s why I’m quick to change the pace,
making it hard to keep up with me from day to day.
You are different than the girls I could call on.
That’s why your number was always stuck on my mind.
But I can’t call on somebody that doesn’t know how to pick up their heart.
Still no answer, don’t you ever check your mail man?
Why won’t you respond to this?

One of these days I’ll have everything I’ve ever wanted.
You’re still invited, you know where to find me, at the end of the day it’s always the same.
The dream you never expected always becomes the ride you’ll never forget,
like a Never-ending Journey.
Every path is the right one as long as there’s something worth holding on to.
I’ve still got time if I’ve still got faith.
Where did the time go? I must have left it in my other jeans.
From yesterday it’s always been this way.
I can never get enough of what I can’t have.
I want you to understand so that you can stay fine.

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