An Honest Question

What does it mean when someone says, “When can I see you again?”

Does that question come off a tad “romantic” sounding when compared to:

“Hey, why don’t we hang out some time?”

“Let’s do something this weekend.”

Normally I’ve said or heard the words, “When can I see you again?” while dating someone, so I’m just wondering if that sentiment is generally the same across the board.

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10 thoughts on “An Honest Question

  1. It does have a romantic slant to it. Would I say that to someone of the same sex, another girl, no, not unless I was being playful. Would you say it to another guy — probably not…


    • Yeah that’s what I thought for like a second after hearing it from this girl. Then towards the end of our conversation I said it & once again I thought, “Yeah that sounds different for some reason.”


  2. mrsjacoby19

    Yes, you are correct. I think def. the statement, “When can I see you again?” sounds romantic. Like there Is a deeper interest/attraction there to be explored.


  3. YOU? Crazy? Nah! Unless of course you enjoy wearing daisy duke shorts! LOL


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