What Women Never Hear

Her Highness That Horse is Dead inquired about post 1608 where I said, “I believe that permanent friendship grows out of romantic love and not vice versa.”

Romantic love comes to men through their eyes reinforced with her new looks that never disappoint. She looks so good he’s eager to overlook her faults. The need to forgive doesn’t arise.

Friendship comes to men through other senses. Each of her faults is weighed against her value as companion and not as mate. Because he sees her faults and has to compensate, romantic love isn’t available to inspire forgiveness or forgetfulness. However, enduring love, the kind that lasts forever can arise out of a long and very successful friendship. But, it comes more as accident than expectation beforehand, more as a surprise and late-rising love with romance as much less intense and vital.

What does it say about the man who proclaims…

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