My Seduction Style (As Said By You)

That just about sums up my style.

That just about sums up my style.

Sarcastic. Funny. Dirty-minded. Spontaneous. Non-Judgmental. Gentleman.

Those are all words that have been used by girls I’ve dated & my lady friends to describe me. When I’m in the mood & in the zone I will make you laugh, talk & feel good.

I have no problem making an ass out of myself or poking fun at myself for a laugh. Hell even in High School I was described as being “very self-assured”. Just the other day my friend Angel told me, “Now I’m not Mishele, so I’ll just say that you’re sexy & you know it. You know what to say & do.”

She never did explain the “I’m not Mishele,” part. So apparently Mishele might see things differently. I’ll have to ask her what she thinks about me, so expect an update.

I think it’s just safer to make fun of myself until I figure out how much I can mess with you & tease you. Some people really can’t take a joke about themselves. I’m not ratting you out (not intentionally anyway), it’s a joke. I don’t take things too seriously, I just want to have a good time with you.

I love witty, quick-thinking people. If you can bat a sarcastic comment or joke back at me & we can have our own “Verbal Olympics”, I’ll be very interested in you. I don’t care if we have different views or styles, as long as we can trade words well. Intellect is sexy, if you get what I’m saying & you can play with me without leaving the comfort of your seat, I’ll be impressed with you. I don’t care if we’re joking around, telling stories or having deep meaningful conversation.

I will flirt with you & tease the hell out of you if I think you’re cool & interesting.

I have said things like:
“I’m going to kiss you if you keep looking at me like that.”

“You’re on my list of things to do tonight.”

“You look great in that dress, but I’d rather see what you look like in the morning.”

“I will *@#$ you if you keep sitting on my lap like that. You will get off on me if you do not get off of me.” (and no, she did not get off of me)

Boy you so crazy!

Boy you so crazy!

Sure I do crazy, spontaneous things from time to time. I don’t have anything to lose, so I might as well go all out. If I’m with my crew, I’m comfortable & I don’t feel judged so I’ll act freely.

Each of my friends has a crazy story like:
– Beatboxing in a restaurant upon request

– Getting a girl we just met to pull her newly purchased dildos out of her bag (I said it jokingly & I didn’t know she actually had dildos in her bag) & then getting our waitress to take photos with the dildos on her serving tray (she got a huge tip that night for being a good sport)

– Dancing with two cute sisters I just met in the club at the same time while one of them wore my hat

I’m witty, playful, old school respectful & open to discussion. I will say what I’m thinking if I think you can handle it. Now, I’m gonna pull back the curtain a little and say that I’m not nearly as cocky as I may seem when I’m trading barbs & looking GQ.

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11 thoughts on “My Seduction Style (As Said By You)

  1. Virgos LOVE witty and intelligent conversation. True! You’re such a Virgo! LOL


  2. What’s beatboxing? Not sure we have that in the UK unless I’m leading a very sheltered life…


    • I’m sure you’ve got people doing it in the UK. Beatboxing is when you make beats with your mouth and vocal chords. To imitate a drum with ones mouth.

      It’s an element of Hip Hop music.


  3. ā€œIā€™m going to kiss you if you keep looking at me like that.ā€
    I say, “I dare you to”
    My friends love me, but still find it hard to believe the words that come out of my mouth sometimes, especially to strangers in public. This is a great post. Glad to hear you got a crew that enjoys causing trouble with you!


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