The Ring



The other day I saw this little Diddy as someone’s profile picture.

Now I get where it’s coming from. From the standpoint of a committed relationship, sure you should wait until you “put a ring on it” to enjoy sex with your life partner. Now this picture could be making a declaration about fluid-bonded partners feeling safer once they’re married, but I’ll simply assume that it’s focusing on the assurance that comes with knowing that you’re married to the person you’re bringing (protected) satisfaction to.

If you like it be sure to put a ring on it.

If you like it be sure to put a ring on it.

I messaged this newly married person & said to her, “Funny, I was gonna say the safest thing to wear is a condom, but a wedding ring works too.”

She laughed.

Whether you’re married or not, make sure that you’re playing safe & wrap it up. Make sure you get checked out together at a clinic.

Rings show the world that you love each other, protection shows each other that you care about one another.

So many choices, this could be fun!

So many choices, this could be fun!

I’m not against going in raw or unprotected, just be prepared and don’t fool yourself into thinking that a ring will solve everything.

Have fun & be safe kids. Now go make me some God Children… Or not.

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8 thoughts on “The Ring

  1. TemptingSweets99



  2. Little Q Tipster? Awwww……… cute! (Nice post!)


  3. Confessions of a Single Blonde

    And sometimes when a mommy and daddy really love each other, it’s daddy’s birthday and mommy wore lingerie and bought him rum for said birthday, condoms break easier (or you just drunkenly forget one) you get… LOL


    • True story. LOL. I’m not touching that story with a 10 foot pole. I read your latest blog & I’ll give you my two cents (if you want it).

      How are you feeling?


      • Confessions of a Single Blonde

        I’m fine. Hormones rage one day and fine the next. Laziness really pisses me off and even more so right now. I’ll take 2 cents. Why not?


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