Acceptable Titles

I’m not talking about Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss, Dr. or Sir. Even though there are Doctors that like to be called Dr., so much that even in their personal emails they put it in their signatures. I guess if you worked your ass off for years to earn that title you’d want to get the most mileage you could out of it.

Wife: I love you honey.
Husband: It’s Dr. Honey, I have a Master’s.

I’m talking about the names that are bestowed upon you by your peers & partners. That “honey”, “baby”, “pumpkin”, “Tiger”, “Sweet Pea”, “Playa” & “Teddy Bear” stuff that slips out of their mouths whenever you’re around.

I have special names for my friends, but when I’m talking generally to my trusted girls I call them “hun”, “lovely”, and “wonderful”.


Now there are certain names that don’t crossover, certain names that just are NOT safe. For example, I cannot call my girl Angel, “Baby”. First off she isn’t MY girl & secondly it pisses her off, she says it feels “immature & childish”. Here’s another example, earlier today I was talking with my Blogger in crime, Stormlover & I called her “honey”.

Here’s how our conversation played out:

Me: Alright, have a good day honey.

Storm: Honey? Lol you’re cute.

Me: Are you gonna kick my ass before breakfast for saying that?

Storm: Yup! You’re my daughters age! I’m not a cougar. Honey! Lol

Now I’ll admit that it slipped out. Some names ONLY work for certain types of relationships. I dare you to call your boss “playa” or your Landlord “Baby”.


I am used to being called “GQ”, “baby”, “love”, “Mr. Big”, & “sweetheart” by the ladies. Fellas call me, “GQ”, “bro”, “Eddie Murphy” or a play on my last name.

Don’t ever call me “babe”; there are only 2 girls that can get away with calling me that & it’s connected to a funny story between us, so I let it slide.

Don’t ever call me “lover” unless we’re dating or hooking up. First off, it gives other people the wrong impression of our relationship & secondly it’s too personal. So don’t even joke that way unless you wanna seriously do something. A lover knows you intimately, so unless we are doing “something” leave that word out of your vocabulary when addressing me.


Even though I might get away with saying “You tall dark magnificent bastard,” to my boy Jordan aka “Chris Tucker” in private while we’re giving each other grief, I wouldn’t call him that in public.

What is your title/nickname?
What titles/nicknames do you have for your peeps?
What names are unacceptable?

What's my name? Riri? Honey? Sexy? Baby?

What’s my name? Riri? Honey? Sexy? Baby?

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8 thoughts on “Acceptable Titles

  1. I love this piece. It gets personal in a comfortable way. For myself, Baby, Honey, Sweety. For my friends, Sweety, Sugar, Sugar Lips, Baby, Love, Ol’ Buzzard, Ol’ Wolf, Best Hugger, Handsome, and a few tasty others. My Siblings, Skinny, Sweety, Hillbilly, Hoosier, Hick, Cuz, Ornery, and Hey Yo. Thank you for posting this.


  2. Most men call me “trouble”…..LOL
    Okay, seriously. If I’m single, I don’t mind being called “sweetie”, “sexY” or “hun” (by both men and women).
    If I’m in a relationship then I ask my male friends to refrain from using anything that might be taken the wrong way by my man. I like to keep the boundary lines clear at all times (single or not).
    One of my closest male friends in life (absolutely platonic for 7 yrs) calls me “girl child” (he’s from Barbados and apparently this is a “safe” name for female friends who are more like sisters).
    I never call any of my male friends “sexy” or “honey” or anything along those lines (whether I’m single or attached). AGain, my boundaries are clear and I abide by them ………in the hopes that they in turn will abide by them as well.
    I know, I know, I’m unusual. LOL


  3. lovelavishlexi

    Great post! I don’t really mind the common nicknames, honey, sweetie etc…but what’s wrong with babe? Lol is that a guy thing or is that just your preference?


    • As the “Official Representative for All Men (Past, Present & Future)”, I say that it’s too cute & belittling of a title.

      I’m kidding.

      It just doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe one day that will change, but for now it’s a no no Honey Baby.

      *wags finger*

      Thanks for stopping by!


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