The Real Thing

This time will be different.
I want you to see me for me & know what I mean.
I’ve got nothing to hide, yes I’m letting you inside.
The state of our hearts improves with each confession.
I only trust in what I feel & I’m feeling you.
If love is blind, why do I see you so clearly tonight?
I need to hear your thoughts & you need to know my heart.
Sometimes we do crazy things & nothing seems the same.
You’ve had your time & I’ve done mine.
It’s true that I would be with you, but this distance keeps me from holding onto you like I want to.
Maybe I’m the one to call your own.
I can tell that you want us to be alone.
I hope that I do you right, I’ll treat you like a dream.
These midnight hours make you feel better.
You’re mad & I don’t care, I’m not leaving your side.
I kept you up when you were down & didn’t leave until you were more than fine night after night.
I want to be your lullaby.
I want to hold you in the morning & take away all your fears.
I’m ready for the real thing, these dreams are wearing thin because it’s you in every one.

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8 thoughts on “The Real Thing

  1. TemptingSweets99

    My fave line: “I want to be your lullaby.”

    I love your new blog look.


  2. I can’t imagine why I like this so much, sir? It is beautiful, Stephen.


  3. Reblogged this on The Narcissist's Blog © and commented:
    This is very beautiful.


  4. Clare

    Beautiful, beautiful and I’ll say it again…beautiful!


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