WTF: Woman Blames Police for ‘targeting blondes’

Woman driving 114km/h in 50 km/h zone blames police for ‘targeting blondes’

Not the blonde in question, just a pretty re-enactment.

“If the officer was targeting blondes, and he had the ability to determine blond, brunette and redhead at 114 km/h, he deserves a commendation — a hairdressing commendation.”

VANCOUVER — Abbotsford Police Const. Ian MacDonald thought he’d heard every excuse in the book.

Then came Sunday, when a light-haired woman who was pulled over in a Lexus accused the officer of “targeting blonds.”

“You couldn’t make this up — people would never believe it,” said MacDonald. “She was doing 114 kilometres per hour in a 50-kilometre zone.

“Some drivers, when they get pulled over, go on the offensive,” said MacDonald. “She accused the officer of targeting blonds, and said she had only punched it one time.”

Because the blond’s speeding was so severe — more than twice the posted limit — a seven-day vehicle impound was handed out on the spot.

“She is Lexus-free for the next week,” said MacDonald.

Source: National Post

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