Quote: Past Lovers

I’ll try to remember that.


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9 thoughts on “Quote: Past Lovers

  1. Well now, that’s certainly food for thought……hmmmmmm………….


    • I think that there is some truth to it. When I think back to my exes that I was on good/bad terms with, this concept seems to stand true.


      • My perspective is a bit different. I don’t remain “friends” with any ex’s…whether I deeply and truly loved them or not…..even in an amicable split situation. That’s not to say that I won’t be “friendly” if/when we run into each other……but I don’t have a need to have them as friends per say. I have no desire to keep them on my social network lists or know what they’re up to etc. I don’t think they need to know much about me either. If we happen to run into each other then I’m not averse to a quick chat but that’s about it. They’re “ex’s” for a reason. Besides, I think keeping them as “friends” MAY cause a triangulation/strangulation with any future partners and I don’t want to have to deal with any unnecessary drama (from either side). LOL


  2. Very cool!


  3. interesting take on the subject…hmmm…


  4. I wonder about that…


  5. But they can be enimies? That doesn’t work well either with starting new happy relationships.


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