Temporary Love (More & More)

Being elusive beats being exclusive.

Tonight you’re out on your own
You cancelled all your plans
Who needs love when it’s just a temporary convenience
Once or twice was enough
Don’t have any use for something tried & true
It’s gotta be fresh & new, tailor-made
I’m into you & I’d like to get into you like a good remedy
Let me in your brain, let me fill your veins from start to finish, running through your every nerve

More & more

I wish you’d learn how to love
But being elusive beats being exclusive
Blink & you’re gone before they have a chance to notice
They always want what they can’t have, right
So what do you want?
To know that I’m built to last all day & night, like your 24 hour support
Complimenting your every desire, cus when you’re happy I can feel it
Putting you first cus there’s nothing to lose
Finding time to be there, cus what you want is right here

You’re already aiming for the door
And I want you to be here because you want to be
One of these days, we could rewrite the history books if you’d let me access your library
It’s your world while your mind’s transforming
You thought that you had to pay to play because of your conditioning
Real love is unconditional, you’ll see once it overwhelms you

More & more

Our bodies keep coming together like magnets
Try as you might, you can’t fight what’s embedded
Love, you’re more than temporary & you know it
Don’t act like I never told you

More & more

That rush you get at first glance could take you higher if you’d let it sink in
You won’t take the time to show them your heart
What’s wrong with being known?
You have to want it
I want it all because I want you & nothing else

More & more

You can’t help thinking there’s a reason you met me
Forget about where you’ve been
I want you to think about me & you
Love is made of what you put in
I don’t know if you made plans or not, but we can do anything when the time’s right
Baby I love you in case you didn’t notice
Love, you’re more than temporary to me
You’re more than temporary love

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8 thoughts on “Temporary Love (More & More)

  1. Well written, the depth of feeling is there for all to see, or for those who choose to see. Thank you.


  2. I really enjoyed this, it’s raw and honest.


  3. You have mad skills, my friend!
    I may be too white to have pulled that one off, but I gave it a shot….


  4. My My My, love it, I bn away lil 2 long I see, I shall return soon to catch up, so do keep writting to touch the soul! I do hope all is well! God Bless 🙂


    • Hugs! Hi!! I’m glad I’m touching your soul, but I really should be tickling your funny-bone. Between Doctor’s visits & blessing people, I assumed you were just busy as usual. No worries. I just hope some of my post don’t scar you. Much love & respect.


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