“This really got me to thinking, and I completely changed my philosophy on how I do things. Its much better to bring in people around you than to do everything on your own. Make teams, enroll people, cause action. This is what it is about. That is what leadership is truly about. Sure there is leading by example, but you dont have to be a lone ranger. 20 guns behind you has a lot more firepower than 1 gun…no matter how quick you can draw.” – Ev

The Better Man Project ™

The other morning, I got up at 6 am like every other regular morning, threw my clothes on, stretched my legs , and walked to the stop sign on the campus loop behind Sobrato. 2 miles. 2 miles. 2 miles. I was tired, not feeling that great, and hurting from biking 21 miles from the day before. I know that you have to go through the pain barrier to get better, stronger, faster. But most importantly, going through that pain barrier makes you stronger mentally. I stood there looking down the sidewalk, and told myself “Okay, its the last 2 miles of the triathlon…you’ve beaten yourself to death, your in pain, your tired, you feel sick, you want to quit…but this is the last 2 miles of the run. GO!” That day, I ran those two miles at a 5 minute pace…ran so hard that I threw up nothing when I…

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