WTF: Chew On This

What kind of picnics do they have?

What kind of picnics do they have?

I just couldn’t ignore this one today. Perfect timing!

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10 thoughts on “WTF: Chew On This

  1. “Sex on the beach season”? LOL


  2. TemptingSweets99

    Actually, I can see a couple needing this after their secluded picnic, or before… or during… LOL!


  3. do they have at least different flavors ? 😉


  4. Brilliant!

    I’ve been seeing a few “Caution: Wet and Slippery” signs in front of a stack of Fifty Shades books in supermarkets pop up in pictures on Twitter, lately. I also like to think it’s not a mistake and just the work of some cheeky assistant.


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