I want to feel for you.

I want to feel for you.

Words & what we choose to remember of them carry us through the darkest nights.
Each day we are born & we die anew by the words that we carry with us. Life is too dark without someone to share it with.

Tell me a story. Show me something real.

I want to understand that look in your eyes. Everything has a history behind it, a reason for being. Even mistakes happen for a reason.

Time is not an issue or a question, it is an accessory. We will simply wear it to highlight our decisions & the life that we have chosen, instead of letting it wear us down. So take your time & some of mine.

I want to laugh with you. I need something I can connect with, bond with.

I want to be able to close my eyes and feel my way around you like braille.

I want to feel for you.

The first half was originally written on April 24th, 2012 as part two of something else that I had written that day, but I didn’t think it was strong enough to post.

After reworking it, it feels more succinct & honest. Sometimes patience is the key. Everything happens for a reason.


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2 thoughts on “Braille

  1. TemptingSweets99

    Great job. I really like this.


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