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Is this ALWAYS true?

Is this ALWAYS true?

This is true for a few women that I know. They ask me what I think & as soon as I give them an answer they say,

“Why would you say that!?”

“Well I’m not saying that you’re wrong, but you’re not right either.”

“I should ask _____. (Why am I asking you?)”

Which leads me to think that I really should just echo their sentiments to make them feel better, rather than actually wasting my time & energy putting thought into an honest response.


What do you want me to say?

If you just want to hear what you want, get a parrot or some cheerleaders. Don’t ask me what I think, because you might be surprised by what comes out of my mouth (and you might not like it).

If you want somebody to stroke your ego even when you’re in the wrong, choose carefully & don’t choose me.

“The truth will set you free… But it will probably piss you off first.”

I’m not saying that what I say is the absolute & undisputed “truth”, but it is my truth because that is what I believe in that moment based on what I have come to know. Sometimes I will play “devil’s advocate” & other times I will simply state something & leave it open to your interpretation.

We don’t have to agree on everything (or anything for that matter).

“Why won’t you lie to me? Lie to me, baby. Lie to me baby, one last time…” ~ George Nozuka, Lie To Me

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8 thoughts on “Women & Opinions

  1. MysteryCoach

    You know, I find this post massively interesting and it has quite a bit of truth to it. Quite a bit of truth. I was just having this conversation about women with a male friend of mine via email and he basically mirrored what you’re saying here, in a different way, but still the same.

    There’s another thing that irritates me (I’m a woman by the way) wherein a woman will tell a man something she wants or does not want, then continues to hound him (never letting him live it down) about that “thing” (whatever that thing is) and then finds yet MORE fault with the poor guy. One thing after the other until the guy has no idea what hit him or for that matter why he’s in the relationship anymore at all. Personally, if I’m with someone who expresses something to me and I have an opinion or it’s something we “can” work out, let’s try and move forward.

    To be fair, men can do this as well. I’ve experienced it and in one instance I advised said person that one day they’d look at me and say “Where’s that cool girl I met?” and I’d say, “You killed her”…

    I am truly perplexed the way men and women treat one another. Now, for myself, there does come that point where differences can put a stop to things as a whole. It’s like a stalemate of what s/he’s going to do or not going to do (depending on what that is) and You know … there are just some things we are not going to do, them, us or whatever and if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it over and over again, the most important person to get straight first? Is US… I could go on for days on this topic.

    Sometimes it’s all about control, right and wrong, bad behavior handed down from childhood up through the present, throw in life experience, fears, all kinds of mess and POOF … mess. I look at it from this perspective, if I can’t say what I feel and we can’t find common ground, my days of trying to convince someone of anything (if it’s that important to them? whatever “that” may be) I can’t very well beat my head off a rock and expect different results.


    • Yeah, I just needed to vent a little after one of those “WTF experiences”. What’s the point in being telling someone something if you can’t be honest.

      Yes, both men & women do these things. I love women, but sometimes I just don’t know what to say LOL.


      • MysteryCoach

        LOL … you know, some times there’s nothing to say, based on whatever it is you’re talking about. Okay, that’s kind of wrong, I don’t know what to say sometimes myself. I do know that not everyone is going to agree with me and sometimes that makes or breaks things … at least if common ground can’t be found for some reason.

        I try to be honest myself about things, to the best of my ability. What I do know that life’s experiences sure can cloud judgment sometimes. Mine or the other person’s. Sometimes yah… you just don’t know what to say or how to say it… I hear you.


  2. TemptingSweets99



  3. Classic women.They’re illogical and irrational creatures.


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