Love Without Fear

Turn aside; close your eyes
Take the love you’re giving & hold on to it
Baby it’s all a dream after everything you’ve been through
Put your worries to rest and try again tomorrow

Maybe it’s not you that’s supposed to change
Show your face to the morning light
Show your heart to the flames burning bright
No more standing in the background
Don’t be scared to walk alone & don’t be scared to like it
When you show me love, the good fight starts again

Love without fear
Sure it’s harder than it seems
We all have to wake up, shake it off, rinse, wash & repeat
It begins with you & ends with me

Love without fear
My dear, dreams are meant to become reality
Little by little, it’s a start
Somehow you’ll get through this
Despite what you’ve heard, nothing can quiet your heart
Turn around; open your eyes

Love without fear

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6 thoughts on “Love Without Fear

  1. Thanks Stephen. HUGZZ


  2. Love without fear–takes so much courage, but it’s so worth it! Nicely done. 🙂


    • Yeah Lorna, it takes courage & understanding. How have you been?


      • Great. Thanks for asking. I’ve been busy working on my memoir. Finished it and now have it in the hands of some people who have generously agreed to read it and provide me with feedback. It was a very long and arduous process–but fun, too!


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