I wanted to take it slow
But your body won’t let me
You gave me a reason & I took it all in
Everything refuses to move when you’re in my view
A moment of honesty
You want to break the rules too, I can tell
You run through red lights everytime you take it off

Sooner or later I won’t be able to stop my lips from kissing you
Let’s fast-forward to the part where you’re in my bed & I’m giving your head a rush
Then we’ll rewind & do it all over again
Just so I can see you rollback in ecstasy

You can push my buttons & tweak my settings
Ring the alarms, break the sound barriers
We’ll go from zero to mach five with a glance
Blur the line between being young & restless
Leave our labels blowing in the wind
Going this fast must be bad for our health
But who wants to live forever anyway?

We don’t see the difference
What’s an hour when a second is all it takes to get you going?
I want to see what your love looks like when you don’t say anything at all
All I want to do is let my hands travel around your body like a Visa

I want you & you want me
Quit pumping the brakes
Doesn’t matter what we say, it’s going to happen
We can slow down while we catch our breaths
I wanted to take it slow
But I want you more & you want it now
All this time is nothing without you

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5 thoughts on “Speed

  1. Ultra cool!


  2. TemptingSweets99

    love this.


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