WTF: A Cure for What Now?

The Walk to Cure Gayness drew thousands of supporters.

Cobb County Evangelical Hospital held its 5th annual Walk to Cure Gayness this week, with thousands turning out to help raise funds and awareness. I guess every cause has a march.

*Face palms & then sighs loudly*

I wonder if they stopped at Chick-Fil-A?


Check out this video from the Onion News Network:


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18 thoughts on “WTF: A Cure for What Now?

  1. This is so ignorant. They should also have a walk to cure stupid.


  2. MysteryCoach

    Seriously? That’s utterly ridiculous. Maybe they should cure shit for brains too.


  3. kinkydesoto

    It’s from The Onion. Satire.


    • Shh… Eventually people will catch on, but until they do, enjoy the ride. I do have an odd craving for walking & chicken lately & I don’t have the slightest clue why.

      Hehe, how you doing?


      • kinkydesoto

        You’re cracking me up!!! I wish I could say I was doing well. It is one of those up and down days. How are you, friend?


      • Yeah, I’m right there with ya, that’s why I needed a distraction. I’m just trying to keep myself busy, thinking hurt too much lol.

        You gonna be alright?


      • kinkydesoto

        Yes, sir. I’ll be fine. Thanks. Keeping busy is the key. I’m gonna over schedule myself this weekend so I don’t have time to think. Take care, you.


  4. sohojay



  5. … there’s a thing as too much information 😉 … oh dear…


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