What Was I Waiting For?

Came out of nowhere
And took my world by storm
Without even trying you stole my every thought before I knew it
Filled with anticipation, building up my hopes
Don’t let me down cus I’ve already fallen

I hate getting caught up right before it’s over
Don’t want to get close just in case you get tired of leaning on my shoulder
Should I run while we’re still having fun?
I care more than you know
You’re so close that I can’t pull away

I can’t explain the way I feel
I’m not the nervous type
Something’s different
And I’m not quite sure how to deal with it
My habits are changing, nothing’s like it was before
Questioning my everyday
What was I doing before you?

There’s one word that I’ve been itching to say
I see you & I just want more
You don’t even have to wait
Dropped everything to be with you

I get lost in you as soon as you step into my space
I won’t even bother wondering why opposites attract like we do
It’s a natural progression
It’s you, because every moment feels right
It’s you that keeps me up when life gets me down
And you hold me down like a good anchor should

What was I doing before you?
Every day seems like a blur
I can’t ignore you anymore
Front & center, you’ve got my attention
You’ve got me to call your own
So tell me what was I waiting for
What are you waiting for?

I hope that you’re worth the wait

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4 thoughts on “What Was I Waiting For?

  1. So loving it and know just how you feel. Its like i could’ve wrote it myself. Hope all is well on your end! God Bless 🙂


  2. Isabelle

    “I’m not the nervous type”

    “You keep me up when life gets me down
    You hold me down like a good anchor should”

    This entire piece i like, but today I especially like those above. They resonate with me today.


  3. When love is true, you’re never vulnerable and there’s not need to fear anything. Even if love goes away, the experience enriched you.


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