Fill In

Expand my vocabulary.

Expand my vocabulary.

Fill in the story of my life.
Give me an ending worth beginning.
A new chapter is just what I needed.
Turn the page on yesterday.
In the same way that words become realized,
The ink hits the page when you touch me deeply.
Expand my vocabulary.
Visions of smiles & ecstasy leap off the page.
You & I do things that history can’t write away.
Flesh me out, take me out of my mind.
Your affection gives me conviction.
Make me move towards that denouement.
Can’t wait any longer to find that happy ending.
Don’t leave me hanging on your last word.
Finish what you’ve started.

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One thought on “Fill In

  1. “Flesh me out, take me out of my mind.” Love that line 🙂


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