Lights Go Down

There are many buttons that I could push.
In my hand is a heart that is not mine.
You move still through the pain.
Reading between the lines we’ve created.

We’re still here as the voices disappear.
I don’t want to hurt you as long as my heart is beating.
When the lights go down its all the same,
Smiles & tears are hardly seen.

With beat up dreams, you’re always on my mind.
You are harder to hold when you feel alone. You’re not the only one.
Feeling our way through the dark isn’t as much fun on our own.

How’d you talk me into kissing you?
What did I do to end up in you?

We found a way into each others blind spot.
The past has no direction.
But the future has a chance to try something new.
At least we tried.

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3 thoughts on “Lights Go Down

  1. Nice…


  2. Beautifully written


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