Kingdom Come (Give It A Rest)

I can’t dream after 1, 2, 3 again
Cus your mind starts racing where mine begins to end
Question everything before anything has time to breathe
Can’t close our eyes peacefully tonight
Give it a rest

360 degrees of separation comes together when we stop & stare
You know where I’ve been, in my head wrapped up in my bed
Trying to fill in all the holes in my life with dreams that barely begin until kingdom come

You had a different plan
Kept me up until Apollo shone down another day
Sun, give us what we lack
Silence the buttons that we press so frequently, so that we may rest our heads
Leave the questions for later as we learn to dream again
Black nights’ caress save us from the white lies that fill our heads over time
Counting dreams builds hope within
Cease all that ringing while time tries to mend & make me a better man

Give it a rest
Learn to breathe
Not everything is sink or swim
Even now or never needs to exhale every now & again
Close your eyes
Let Hypnos & Morpheus do their work while we fall into our pillows once more
Close your eyes until kingdom come in the morning

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