Oceans & Winds

Silence keeps me clear
Inside is filled with an ocean of truth floating to the top
It’s in the eyes that overflow
Won’t let you board this sinking ship

Company is a commodity I can’t afford
Touch makes me tenuous when I least expect it
When fears scream silence keeps me clear
Won’t let you sink or swim while I break & rust

No matter what we see, nothing shows us more than the opening of closed eyes
As the winds carry on, keep steady until you’ve reached something solid
What goes up must come back down
Round & round until you’ve found something worth stopping for

If you can close your eyes, I’ll find reason to open mine
Nothing to look forward to, maybe that’s why we keep looking back
You’re not what you say you are
You’re what you hope to be eventually
With hopes so high it’s no wonder you can’t touch the ground yet

Blow in from the West with the best of them
Forget about the mess we made as the clouds above move closer
A breath of fresh air
Round & round until you’ve found something worth stopping for

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One thought on “Oceans & Winds

  1. This post was a breath of fresh air! Just the thing to clear my head. Thanks!


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