I Like Your Silence

 The space between your words speaks when words can't...

The space between your words speaks when words can’t…

I like your silence
And the volume at which it speaks
Its honesty emits a truth which words sometimes forget
The sound of silence can be deafening for some
Pregnant pauses become overdue until something must be said

You could be cruel
You could be kind
You could also be mistaken

You pick your pauses so carefully that what follows must be heard
Flooding our ears with unthoughtful words is on par with emotional pollution
Have a moment of silence
Breathe & stop
Wait & see
Choose your battles carefully

Your tongue rests with angels in spite of all the hell it could awaken
I may not always understand your silence, but I know where it comes from
Birthed in a place of patience
Raised with peace of mind
Learning to live with empathy, because somethings need not be said
The space between your words speaks when words can’t

For every speaker, there is a listener
For every word, one must be heard

I like your silence
I can still hear what you mean
I like your silence
When I can understand your heart

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5 thoughts on “I Like Your Silence

  1. This was pure poetry.
    Thank you.


  2. writing like a BOSS with them lyrics….sometimes we got to shhhhhhhhh.

    deep feelings…


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