Only decisions made in heat could last.

Only decisions made in heat could last.

Her passion
Her power
Her body & mind

His sole purpose became to consume every inch of her
To experience her in her vast entirety
In time his hunger would become hers & fuel her desires
No apologies, no excuses
Only decisions made in heat could last
She claimed his attention with no intention of release
She had acquired a taste for him and his ways

His vision
His breath
His depth of soul

They swallowed each other with feverish delight
As passion splashed across their bodies
Their time had been consumed with satisfaction

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9 thoughts on “Consumed


    Aw damn that is something beautiful and hot! Did cheer me up, and I’m at work! Shoot!!!


  2. Haha, now you know how I felt when you do that to me. Well, I’m still nowhere near as good as you… yet.



      puhlease, i cant even compare to you, and you know it!!!! i love it that you think that i am good…:)



    Reblogged this on PRINCE CHARMING ISN'T HERE and commented:
    To cheer me up? I think he did excellent job, don’t you???


  4. I had to read again and again.. love it!


  5. Sweet and sensual.
    Nice work!
    There’s more to you than meets the eye, cutie!


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