Passive Passion (In Motion)

I know the moments you hide inside.

I know the moments you hide inside.

Love in the past tense
Doesn’t change what it was
Unless you’re loving someone who isn’t there anymore
Yesterday is a sure thing because it’s already written
I’ll do my best to bring you up to speed

Restart your libido
Take it from the top
Love like you once did, only better

I see you, do you see a future in me?
I know the moments you hide inside
Your love covers many places
But your heart can’t live in two time zones
Right on time – Sync your heart with mine

Rewind your heartbeat
Go back to one
Love like you used to, only better

Leave the life which has passed & live for what could be
Yesterday always ends up the same
What was doesn’t dictate what will be,
if you choose to change our future history
You’ve got time as long as you’ve got me

Rewind your heartbeat
Go back to one
Love like never before

Don’t look back at what’s already done
This is love & life in motion
In motion like no other
Here is a moment you can live inside

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3 thoughts on “Passive Passion (In Motion)

  1. nice…. “Rewind your heartbeat”


    • It was worth a try. You’ve been stepping up your writing game man! Got some nice posts I’ve been meaning to comment on.


      • Thanks I appreciate that…I been trying not give them away yet, for wanted them to go in this book, but I feel like I hit a comfort spot with words and my writing. I am not trying to big up myself, or nothing but I feel at peace. So I got to change it up. But you my people though, I see you. When I came by your site, I was like sh*t I am missing out on some stuff. We came a long way, we been rocking with each other for a minute now.


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