30 Seconds to Mars @ New Music Live

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3 thoughts on “30 Seconds to Mars @ New Music Live


    (throwing myself on the floor crying) NOOO!!! you were there!! you got to see Jared!!! oh you are so evil, taunting me like this!!! oh the inhumanity!!! you lucky guy!!!


  2. As soon as the episode is uploaded onto Youtube or streaming from their site, I’ll post it here on my blog. I talked to him for a little bit after (literally) pointing out that Jared is Bartholomew Cubbins to the host. It was a pretty funny interview, the fans kind of took over the interview and it flowed very naturally. He kinda humped/hugged this one girl before the interview started, it was so random.

    You should pre-order their album and enter the SLEEPOVER Contest. You get to party at their music studio and the Winner gets to sleep in Jared’s bed (yes the one in his house). He joked about his penis not being included during the interview.


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