Set this love on high.

Set this love on high.

My obsession was speeding up heartbeats.
Hers was setting words on fire.
We traded stories through kisses.
We attacked with every breath as though silence would be the death of us.

Her eyes said, “Don’t listen to a single word I’ve said. Feel me out instead.”
You’re feeling what I’m feeling too.
What’s behind those eyes is crystal clear.
My touch told her that I was hers.
The same thing that burns me up, makes your heart race.

Actions over words, especially when we’re without clothes.
Got lost in the heat of it all.
Everything feels like flames beating down against cold dreams.
Ignite possibilities & leave nothing the same.
Set this love on high.

You had me at once upon a time.
I know what your words all mean.
Spread your warmth with every touch of your heart.
I will do what it takes to make you feel pure.
Heart flow freely through & through.

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11 thoughts on “Transference


    Oh wow! What a beautiful poem! I loved reading it! You need to share some of that damn talent of yours with me!!! Lol


    • It comes at a price, which is usually sleep. I really should be sleeping, but I can’t. Hence the impromptu writing session. Thanks Rebecca! Please tell me you’re not working the early shift today.


      • ~REBECCA DAWN~

        oh I work early every day. except Friday. which is earlier..
        I can relate to sleep… I haven’t been sleeping lately either… which is why I was up so late..ooh did I regret that this morning!! 🙂


  2. Dope off of just the opening line…MY GOD….”My obsession was speeding up heartbeats.”


    • And to think I was gonna scrap that line when I started editing this (2 minutes after I wrote it). I’m glad the “obsession” lines made the cut.


  3. I need to enlist you as my ghostwriter. lol


  4. Ummm I know I am bugging out right now…THIS GOES IN THAT BOOK…don’t play games man, BOOK <— lol.


  5. Wow, this was something amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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