Chapters (Pt. 1)


Our chapters are dated by moments we only knew.
Tell me your truth throughout page after page.

Spare no details.

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4 thoughts on “Chapters (Pt. 1)


    Reblogged this on PRINCE CHARMING ISN'T HERE and commented:
    I love how this starts out. Its intriguing, definitely a prelude of romantic things to come. i think my chapters are very boring! but i think your chapters are very intriguing!


    • Thanks Rebecca! My intros aren’t always so smooth or inviting. I stripped away a lot of what I wrote & distilled these few lines in the end.

      This series will be short in its delivery, but it can go on as long as needed until completion.


      • ~REBECCA DAWN~

        I have the same problem with mine. It’s always the first that gets me.
        I find yours a lot more eloquent!


      • ~REBECCA DAWN~

        Short is always sweeter, 😉


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