We light up at night with nothing to fight.
Feed into our desires with friction & emotion.
Doing all the wrong things the right way.
Forget what we think, we know only what we feel.

We control who we are so much.
We can be free together.
Push me against a wall, press yourself into me with intensity & purpose.
Confess your attraction for me with your lips enveloping mine.
Take me, without a word.

My hands hold onto you for dear life, I need you now.
Let me remind you that you’re mine, as much as I am yours.
My lips tasting all the parts of you I can’t resist,
until my hunger has exhausted your will to think before you act.

Let me get a good look at you until our fantasies begin to see reality.
Wet my appetite.
The gravity of all I feel will fill you.
No rest until every bit of you has known every inch of me.
I can’t move without your whispers escaping into me.
Explode into existence with me.

I want your sex.
Give it to me, I’ll give it back to you.

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5 thoughts on “Feed


    Reblogged this on PRINCE CHARMING ISN'T HERE and commented:
    So very sensual!! And I happen to be @ work reading this!!! Oh the ideas! Loved it so much!


  2. Oh Rebecca, thank you! Revenge is sweet, it’s about time you got all worked up at work (not that you need MY help). LOL, have a good day my friend, oh and do behave (but not too much).


  3. This was really sensual … Touched my feelings .. Wonderful


  4. Your words..
    are filled with so much passion
    it’s overwhelming and

    Loved it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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