Friend of Mine


Friend of mine, don’t let me die in my ways.
Guide me towards happiness without an end.
I’ve been living as though I’ve already flat-lined.
Get me out of my mind, make me feel better than any way I can think of.

I cannot tell a lie whether black or white.
I want to be a better person, but you can’t change me.
When I’m not myself, remind me who I was when everything was fine.

Let me wish without a hint of reality.
Question my fears before they become a second skin.
Bring your light when darkness blinds me.

Pull back the curtains, look behind my every compulsion.
Show me what dreams may come if I keep quiet.
Terms of sweet endearment are wasted on the deaf of heart, but I know that you can hear what I feel.

Friend of mine, don’t let me die undefined.
Angels know I mean well everyday.
For all that I know and all that I’ve loved, I long to be good.
I see all that is wrong with me.
Let me be what’s right, when it’s wrong.

Friend of mine, I’ll see you tomorrow with a smile upon my face.

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9 thoughts on “Friend of Mine


    there are times where I miss my best friend. there are times when i wonder who are my friends. then there are times where i remember the times we share.
    this poem was so lovely, made me really want a best friend again!!! 🙂


  2. So lovely…i live with me best friend since 6 months ago…He is like my brother…We all need friends…<3


  3. wow… My homie got those lines though


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