Spare Parts


Rid me of these spare parts.
Remove everything that’s overcome me.
Strip me bare.

Humble my expectations.
Stop me from hanging on to reasons without reason.
Set me free.

Lessen these complications.
Bare bones & bristling with sweet simplicity.
Take me back to basics.

I want to be, not to seem.

Show me what I really am.
Give me nothing & I’ll make something out of it.

I want to start anew.

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5 thoughts on “Spare Parts


    Beautiful! Another wonderful poem. I am so envious of the words you put out

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    • Thanks Rebecca. Relaxing at Starbucks always enhances my writing somehow. Must be all the drinking by the fireplace. What are you up to?

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      • ~REBECCA DAWN~

        You are welcome! Ah starbucks, you know i have never actually been in one. We have one here.
        I just finished cooking supper. Yeah i actually cooked for once. And now im relaxing watching Hard Target the tv series
        Debating if i want to blog.
        I am so exciting


      • Do as you feel. Starbucks is great for people watching, meeting people and just relaxing. I quite like its atmosphere. You can be exciting.

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      • ~REBECCA DAWN~

        The starbucks here is in safeway. Sad. The first starbucks i ever saw was in vancouver at chapters. My god, i just about fainted! Coffee and books! Thats blasphemy! But hmm smelled so good!
        Thank you for implying i can be exciting!


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