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It is hard to remain the same after opening a book that opens you up to the worlds around and within you.

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10 thoughts on “Quote: Reading

  1. So true! Love this!

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    I think the one thing I wish I didn’t have is my laptop!
    I used to be such an avid reader! The amount of time I invested in my characters and the crying after each book was finished was immense! I couldn’t live without a book in my hand!
    When I started blogging, I became less interested in my characters! Even more so when the authors seemed more concerned about BDSM genre then staying faithful to their fans who read contemporary romantic mystery!
    I think a good book enhances a person’s imagination and should be encouraged than playing on a laptop 😜😍😇

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    • Who says you can’t do both? I buy hardcopy books and ebooks. But yeah I don’t read books as often as I’d like probably because I’m constantly bombarded by information and stories online.

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  3. Last Monday, the first three words of a book I opened at random saved my sanity. ‘Life is Difficult’ from The Road Less Travelled… How cool is that?

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  4. So true, love it…

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  6. Thank you! Reposting!

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