Spider-Verse Cosplay

I have been making gradual fixes and upgrades to my Scarlet Spider (Kaine & Ben) cosplays in anticipation for an upcoming convention. I really want to put my own spin on familiar characters.

The thing I’ve learned about cosplaying is that your costume can either be really accurate or an interpretation, which makes attention to detail important.

As seen in these pictures I’ve painted and glued various pieces of my costumes together. The Scarlet Spider web shooters have been totally revamped so they can be put on and taken off with ease, and they won’t fall apart. I am still waiting for a Spider-Man mask to arrive, and I’ve made my own magnetized lenses so I can give it a different look and feel.

Foam, glue, fabric paint, mesh and patience are mostly what I have been working with. Coming up with practical ways of making items is fun and challenging. At some point I will have to alter and sew up the pants (they’re a bit too long) for another Spider-Man related costume that I am not showing.

A weeks ago, out of boredom I ended up making a face shell (it’s worn under the Spider-Man Masks) and a half-face mask. I’ve already got ideas for other characters/costumes I would like to do in the future.

That’s my geeky update for the weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Spider-Verse Cosplay


    nice work, Stephen! I love Ben Reilly!

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  2. I’m truly, truly surprised you’re into this, lol. I’m happy there’s another like – minded person on WP>

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    • SURPRISE!! I went to Cons in high school and stopped in college. I never cosplayed though I always wanted to. I guess my experiences with film and theatre just lends itself to cosplay. I enjoy stepping into someone else’s shoes for a while and having fun.


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