Centre Island Cosplay Picnic

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a picnic at Toronto Centre Island, and not just any old picnic, but the Annual Cosplay Picnic. It was GREAT for multiple reasons. It gave me a reason to get out of the house, meet friends old and new, an excuse to cosplay as the Scarlet Spider, and I got to explore a place I haven’t been to in years!

Here are a few of the photos I took!
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3 thoughts on “Centre Island Cosplay Picnic

  1. Rebecca Dawn

    I love the cosplay! So many wonderful costumes! I wish we had something like that here! So envious!

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    • Yeah, this was my first time at the picnic and I wasn’t sure if I was going until that morning. I was tired from a busy work week, but I didn’t want to stay home. So I suited up, paid for the ferry to the island and made my way over. It was a perfect day, and I didn’t realize how much I needed that until I was sitting on a beach before a fire pit watching the sunset with people I had just met.

      Thanks for being supportive of my geeky tendencies Rebecca. ^_^


  2. Rebecca Dawn

    we geeks have to stick together! ♥


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