You will be a mannequin for a man again.

You weren’t meant to be yours alone.
You are whatever we say you are.
You will be a mannequin for a man again.
Transform yourself to our liking.
We will build you up to break you down.

You are not important unless everybody likes you.
Be explicit to elicit our affection.
The only way to win is to lose yourself to us.
Attention comes with a price.
We’ll buy into you if you sell your truth.

And don’t forget to smile.

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Hungover on my worries

When it rains it pours, and I can’t ignore the flood
Tension fills my lungs until I overflow
Tears run until I can’t see clearly
I’m afraid of these unwieldy emotions

Too far gone to know what’s real
The more I feel the more I panic
Holding on to moments that no longer exist
One foot in the past, one foot in the future unknown

Hungover on my worries
Tripping over fears that aren’t even real
Drowning in the bitter aftertaste of failed dreams
Twisted inside out, I’m a wreck before I’ve even begun

Never felt quite like this before
Holding in that which can’t be contained
Drunk off the pain of careless words piercing my skin
The tattoos on my soul show more than I can say

That’s when you told me to leave my pride on the pavement
Forget about who I’m supposed to be, and just be
When your mind is on fire wash away your doubts
Listen to your better angels until you’re sober

Hold on to who you know you are

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Lust Is Not Lost


We are reflections of what we want.
Night and day spent running to and from our own desires.
We are not who we think we are, we are who we become.
Innocence is an act when your eyes are on me.
Awaken the love drunk animals craving union.

There’s no reason to be afraid of this delicious obsession.
I like to watch your figure in action claiming satisfaction.
We’ve got inhibitions to lose as we lust and thrust.
Baptized in our dangerous appetite, we indulge in the things we shouldn’t.
Decisions, decisions, there are so many ways to make you moan.

Pleasure is a prison we can’t escape by design.
Days go by when you take me under.
Melody making body to body until the Sun comes for us.
Dirty dancing until we’re half off the bed.
Your wild ways keep me in a trance.

Keep your eyes on me as I explore your peaks and valleys.
Your luscious lips feel nothing short of amazing.
Let me trace your exquisite taste with the tip of my tongue.
Don’t look at the time when you’re mine.
Ride my body till the end of the line.

There’s something deeper happening beneath these sheets.
Surrender to the experience, chanting names while holding the sublime.
No separation until our souls transcend this room.
Every motion is a miracle merging us with the stars.
Heaven’s pouring down, overflowing until we drown.

Lust is not lost on us.

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Who’s Going To Love You (Pt. 3)


Caught between a dream and a vision, it just made sense.

On this lazy day caught up in a hazy phase.
The sky met the sea when we crossed paths.
We couldn’t keep our distance from something special.
Caught between a dream and a vision, it just made sense.

Who’s going to love you when you need it?
You don’t even have to ask, just let me in.
We are reflections of what we want.
I hope you know love is who you are.

Who’s going to love you when you’re lost?
You know every road leads me your way.
When your heart won’t settle down no matter how you try.
Say that which sets you at peace.

A love that soothes fear and gives you clarity.
A heart that works hard and never takes a day off.
A love that is not lost, and found you in every life cycle.
A heart that is too strong-willed to hold back devotion.

Who’s going to love you?
Say my name.
Who’s going to love you?
I will.
Say my name, and I will.

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Who’s Going To Love You (Pt. 2)


Déjà vu brings us back to where we long to be.

If I say the right things will you come to me?
You’ve set my dreams ablaze.
I want to know you.

What’s your name?
Heaven by any other name would sound as beautiful.
Tell me what makes you who you are.

Have we met before?
Déjà vu brings us back to where we long to be.
You’re no stranger by design.

Where have you been all my life?
We’ve got some lost time to make up for.
Let me love you when we cross that line.

If I say the right things will you stay with me?

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