There is no cure without poison

Sins of the past feel better than they should
Forgiveness is the last thing on my mind
I like the pain I’ve tasted under the night sky
I’ve been wrong for all the right reasons
I don’t trust myself around you Continue reading

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These walls were never meant to last

These walls keep me safe
I know what to expect
Outside I am vulnerable Continue reading

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Keep it simple and we won’t miss

Short and sweet
Never stopping to breathe
Living for light wherever it can be found
When the night comes our way may we shine brightly

Hide and seek
Such a beautiful mind is hard to find
If you feel lost I will find you
Lose yourself inside my eyes and you’ll never be alone

Safe and sound
Hand in hand holding space
My space and time we’re made for you
We’re time traveling between precious moments

Slow and steady
Let’s do this the right way
Heaven only knows where we’ll go
Patience show us what we can’t see

Keep your eyes on me
It’s the simple things we miss
Everything else can come and go
Keep it simple and we won’t miss

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Zoolaplex – Sicktoys

Before Christmas I had the pleasure of voicing an annoying customer in this episode.

Zoolaplex is a comedy/drama audio web-series by No Studio In Particular that takes a look at the chaos that is working in retail.

To hear more cynical shop talk head over to:

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Happiness Jar 2016

2016 blessed me with 66 memorable moments of happiness that I was fortunate to be a part of. Here are a few moments that stuck with me. Continue reading

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