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I have found some center.
Purity that demands exclusion isn’t really purity.
Not a care in the world.
The Earth’s whisper has calmed me down.
In this perfect moment I have found some peace.

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It feels like I’m falling.
But I can’t get nowhere.
Pressure is rising, the air up here’s thinning & everything’s spinning out of control.
No one’s in control.

Everything you do is of no use here.
The atmosphere is stories above what you’re used to.
Now that I think about it, your fear of heights should be kicking in.
Right about now your heart stops.

Beating & fleeting your heart has ejected leaving you acting like someone dejected.
Hold on.

Pull the cord, kill the commitment you made.
Pulling out instead of free falling.
I won’t be your fall guy.
Try as you might you can’t land your words on my heart.
So far I’m getting used to flying this uncomfortably high.

It feels like I’m falling.
So weightless, I’m rushing.
The clouds are vanishing.
Instead of dragging me down, every distraction loses its gravity.

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30 Days

Well it seems that my 30 days are up! I’ve been posting poetry & other creative tidbits for 30 days straight. I enjoyed doing this so much that I’ll drag it out until the end of the month.

30 days of anything is a lot for someone with commitment issues. I don’t know how other people fared with this initiative, but I’m glad that I kept going. I liked knowing that I had a deadline of sorts & I made sure that I posted a poem before going to bed; usually leaving me to resort to thinking on the spot of something worth writing while the clock was minutes to midnight.

Thanks for all your support guys!

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Pretty girl running on “E”.
Can’t get no sleep while her head is busy swimming.
Thoughts of exes & oh’s that she’d make at night keep her wondering what went wrong.
Now that she’s alone, she’s blowing up my phone.
But I’m not ready for an encore, no repeat performances for her.
No I’m not falling for it & I won’t give in to her.

Demands to know where I’m at & when I’m gonna be home.
Cus now that I’m on my own she wants to step into my zone & spend time alone.
But what she doesn’t understand is that I’m not an option or a consolation prize.
So this isn’t happening.
Girl just lose my number like you lost your mind.

Can’t give me love that you can’t find.
And passion is like a drug & I’m pretty sure you’re still hooked on it.
As soon as the buzz between you & your new mister fades you’re onto the next one.
But it’s not quite the same high.
So hi & bye, cus I need something more.
Don’t call me while you’re stuck in the past, it’s passed.
Fill yourself with some true love instead of running on these empty vapors.
Stop living in reverse, it’s time to move on.
Pretty girl stop running on “E”.

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Listen for anything different.
Take note of everything you do.
Give way for your mood swings & expressed trains of thought.
I’ll show you something new.
Leave you wanting more of me.
How can I be so sure of myself & what you want?
I’ve been paying attention.
Intuition plays out like chess, putting me moves ahead.
So let’s move on to something better.

There’s too much static coming from their expectations & your expression.
Don’t become what you’re not, stay true to who you are.
Lighten your load & live your life.
Ride it out.
I love it when your smile’s genuine & your hair’s a mess.
What a hot mess, such a sweet reality, your beauty.
Nobody’s perfect.

It feels so good to let loose.
Let go, let it flow.
Just breathe in & exhale your stories, you’re never boring.
You give me such a rush, I want more.
This is harmonic convergence.
Pay attention.

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