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Eyes opened.
Start walking.
Don’t look back.
If they don’t know who you are now, then they never knew to begin with.

Standing tall.
Got a spine.
Won’t fall for it.
Here tomorrow gone today.
You’re never there when something goes down.

I’m not down.
You’re not above me.
We’ll never see eye to eye.
But I still believe we’ll see each other again.

It feels good to do right.
No questions asked.
Rest assured.

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Tears run down.
Escaping out of you.
Out from the room.
Blaring down the halls & into the cracks deep within our hearts.
We welled up inside & cried for you.
Some even died for you.
Some day your tears will stop running.
And you will find reason to stay.
And a reason to be still.

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Is there anything else that I can do for you?
Could I push you to the edge, just to reel you back in?
Could I watch you fall & leave you to get back up again?
Would I leave you alone when you truly needed a friend?
You lost your focus while I found my purpose.
My fear subsided & all that was left was clarity.

Do not worry; live.
Do not fear; smile.

The truth rang through the halls like a shot going off in the night.
Putting to rest any doubts that I may have had.
Resurrecting the bond we once had.


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It’s amazing how something bad can bring so many good people together.
When you’re doing the right thing you won’t lose an second of sleep cus the ideals that you keep, keep you secure.
No worries, just reasons.
When your ride or die crew drags you down, I call that “negative solidarity”.
If your entourage takes up space & won’t lift a hand to help; leave.
If you’re not all in, get out.
Far out of your mind cus you’re not the only beautiful mind in the room.
It’s amazing how something bad can bring so many good people together.
The people you keep company with are a reflection of who you are & who you aim to be.

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How do I get this stain out?
Out of the ground I walk on.
Out of my system.
Out of my life.

Ratio of three to one.
Three lines crossed against this one life.
Trust, dignity & truth versus everything I knew.
It’s soaked deep into the pores, into the very fabric of who I’ve become.
I don’t want this bloodstained floor you’ve walked all over to colour who I am.

You filled me with regret until I could take no more.
Hoping that no one would see, every time I dried my tears.
There is nothing left for you to take.
Nothing you can do.
I will remove this blemish, but first I have to get rid of you.

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