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30 Seconds to Mars @ New Music Live

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The Man of Modern Myth

These are just words & I am just a man.
Taken at face value we’re exactly the same.
Words need substance, I need context & what defines us always remains the same.
Actions give purpose, purpose gives reason & reasons give rise to certainty.
I am legend under the right light because perception dictates what dreams may come.
Delivering lines as though someone yelled “action”, I’m under the lens like this was my full-time job.
Does what I do really matter in the end?
What if each move was rehearsed & choreographed in my mind’s theater?
I’ve got to be perfect, every interaction is an interview.
Every action is noteworthy, so I can’t leave mistakes on my record because that becomes a part of my history.
History is but a modern myth that we’ve decided as fact.
Will you remember me or just the words which were left behind?
Which will be fiction & which will fact?

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Watch 30 Seconds To Mars’ Very Violent, Seriously Sexual, Overtly Ambitious ‘Hurricane’ Film » MTV Buzzworthy Blog

I finally got a chance to watch one of the most “Epically Unforgettable” videos of the year. The uncensored version is chalk full of vivid acts of sexuality, violence and other forms of exploration, so this video is not for kids, even when it’s censored. “Hurricane” is more than 13 minutes of graphic violence, sexual activity and sometimes both.
I think the writer on MTV Buzzworthy Blog got it right when they said, ” ‘Hurricane’ is so sexual it should come with a condom. I’m pretty sure it impregnated me as I watched it–so consider yourself warned, ladies!)”.

This video got a very guttural and immediate reaction out of me and I had to watch it 2 more times to figure where it stemmed from and why. “Hurricane” is the kind of video that warrants many viewings because there are so many tidbits that can be missed such as cameo appearances, images, words and themes.

SIDE NOTE: I think 30STM managed to outdo Lady Gaga in terms of shock value and graphic visuals, and not to mention filmography (this video is beautifully shot) and acted.

Link to the official video: 30STM Hurricane Film Site

Watch 30 Seconds To Mars’ Very Violent, Seriously Sexual, Overtly Ambitious ‘Hurricane’ Film » MTV Buzzworthy Blog.

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