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All Your Miracles


She gives the night its dreams.
Daylight comes hoping she’ll bask in its shine.
None can deny her gravity, her ways.
She can go places nobody else knows.

No season’s complete without her company.
Anywhere she goes the elements follow her grace.
Set aside your pain, her smile calms every flame.
She can do anything, with a little take and give.

You can have anything you please.
You’re an untapped world of possibility.
All eyes see in you what they hope to be.
You are everything between the Earth and Sun, because you have love.

You are a miracle.

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One day, like water my words will become clear.
See through the depths to discover my world below.
A life filled with waves of emotion written upon my face before you.

Submerged in the depths of our actions.
Flow with me, don’t you ever leave.
Captivate me time after time.
With a look that inspires description.

What I want won’t wash away.
Crystal blue persuasion beyond everything when it comes to you.
You wash over me.

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