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Passion Club

If I make a move, you'll be gone for sure. Join your passions with mine.

If I make a move, you’ll be gone for sure. Join your passions with mine.

Kept my finger on the pulse of your pleasure.
I can tell just what you want.
If I make a move, you’ll be gone for sure.
Sent into the stratosphere & beyond.
I need your mind & body here so I can carry on.
So forgive me if I tease you a little more.

I like pushing your buttons.
Let’s find out what this one does.
Open yourself to me & I will let myself in.
Take me in & I will set your body free.
Don’t be afraid to fall.
Come with me, if you’re ready to live.
Join your passions with mine.

Shouldn’t take me too long to get you loving.
I’ll turn you out like I’m flipping through pages.
Read between the lines, without a single word said.
Turn you on so I can enjoy the show.
Raise the volume so I can hear you go.
Loud & clear love, I’ll give you what you’re looking for.

Oh sweet lady, you’ve been thinking of me.
And now that I’m here you have nothing to say.
Did I leave you at a loss for words?
When I push up on you, I’m sure you’ll have something to say.
Pump, pump, pump, pump it.
I think she’s ready to blow.
You try to fight it, although you’re closer than ever before.
Let go as you hold on to me.

With just one kiss your passion is burning bright.
Yearning to expose me to what you’re all about.
Your burning flames are wet with desire.
Make me feel something that I can’t find out there.
Join your passions with mine.

I almost left you where you lay.
You say you still need me.
Better circle back around with this finger of mine, so I can chase your every desire.
You’re not finished with me yet.
There goes another day.
We could make this last forever.
Join your passions with mine.

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